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    ML-AB-14 Fitness Plastic Stepper
      • ML-AB-14 Fitness Plastic Stepper

    ML-AB-14 Fitness Plastic Stepper

    TPE surface texture,and PP support platform.

    34cm upper diameter

    42cm bottom diameter

    Height 5cm

    Weight bearing 200kg;


    Package: 4pc/box

    Mily Sports round aerobic step platform is made from durable,recyclable high-density polyethylene.

    New design:The special design for multi-directional step workouts that can be easily carry.

    Adjustable height:The height can be adjusted from 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 using risers to challenge yourself burn more calories.

    Non-slip and Protect floor:Perfect for workout classes and regular home use,you can use it on any type of flooring without leaving behind scratches.

    Safety lock design Risers:securely click together when stacking,so as well as working out with them in this configuration it makes them easier to carry around and store between workouts height adjustment to change levels easily,customize for a variety of aerobic and strength exercises.

    Intensify workout difficulty by adjusting platform.

    Easily carrying:Bring two or more risers together to create a multi-platform System,moving from riser to riser,or stacking them for high-stepping moves and plyometrics.

    Fitness Plastic Stepper

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