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    Seven USES of the fitness AB wheel (graphic)


    There are many types of fitness AB wheel , but the principles of investigation cannot be separated from the promotion of AB roulette. The commonly used method that abdomen annulus fitness has: [face wall type, squat type, stand type, crus type, back type, yoga type, chest muscle type], different motion has different athletic effect. The following describes the motion and training sections for each action in the dynamic graphics + text.

    First body building method (wall training method)

    fitness AB wheel

    Practice: wall training is when a person places the wheel of their abdominal muscles against the wall, places the wheel flat on the wall, and pushes it up the wall. At the same time, the car must extend upwards with the wheels, reaching its limit and slowly returning to its starting position. This kind of repeated training can achieve the goal of training the whole body. You can also lift your body back to the wall with your hands and push it back and forth. Then, the body can stretch and contract as much as possible. Repeated surgery can exercise the spine and cervical spine.

    Training place: it is mainly used to exercise the shoulder and chest of the upper body. It is the easiest movement for beginners to start. Training your abdominal muscles doesn't help. Obese people can use it initially.

    The second type of fitness (kneeling)

    fitness AB wheel kneeling posture training diagram

    Practice: the kneeling method of training is to have us do wheel training on the ground, holding the ventricular handle with both hands, repeatedly pushing and pulling the ventricle, stretching the body as far as possible. Then return to the original position of the kneeling position. And so on.

    Training place: abdominal muscle, waist is stimulated the biggest, also can wait for a place to undertake a few auxiliary to take exercise to arm, arm, bosom.

    The third fitness method (posture training method)

    fitness AB wheel posture training

    How to move: first, your legs are slightly wider than your shoulders, then push the wheels forward, focusing hard on your lower back and abdomen, and breathing on the road, trying not to hold your breath.

    Range of training: waist and abdomen training is the most important, can also stimulate some parts of the arm (shoulder, forearm).

    The fourth fitness method (calf pose)

    fitness AB wheel exercise leg diagram

    Exercise: the athlete sits on the chair with his feet on the handle of the ventricle. He pushes the ventricle with his feet and stretches his legs as far as possible. Then he returns to the original position and so on. Training part: can thin leg, exercise the flexibility of crus, think thin leg the United States does not prevent a try.

    Exercise 5 (back training)

    fitness AB wheel reverse training diagram

    Practice: the trainer sits on the floor, puts the ventricle on his back, and pushes his hands back and forth on the ventricle handle, while stretching his body backward to the maximum, then returning to the original position.

    Range: exercises upper body back and shoulder strength, while stretching shoulder ligaments.

    Method 6 (yoga training)

    fitness AB wheel diagram of yoga training method

    Practice: sit on the floor with your legs apart in a V shape, grab the ventricular handle with both hands, stretch forward to the maximum, and return to the original position.

    Training site: arms, chest, abdomen mild stimulation, suitable for girls, beginners use.

    Drill 7 (pekar training action)

    fitness AB wheel chest exercises

    Movement means: the person that move needs to have two abdominal muscle wheel, the principle is to do dumbbell to lie to push, but the effect is better than dumbbell to lie to push much, because this bosom should bear the weight of whole upper body, difficulty is big, the friend that wants to exercise bosom muscle can try.

    Training site: chest, deltoid, triceps, biceps, thigh.

    Note: not all belly wheels can be used to exercise their chest muscles.

    【 finish 】 : beginners generally use the wall and kneeling. Girls can use calves, backs and yoga. Abdominal exercise is especially important in the winter, when people don't exercise as much, so abdominal fat starts to build up. Do belly exercises at home with a belly wheel. Hurry up!

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