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    Reasons for why fitness AB wheels are so effective


    why fitness AB wheels are so effective?BecauseIt strengthens your abs and your whole body.

    At first glance, the AB wheel may look like an innocent, even fun, sports accessory. But actually? This is an advanced tool that provides a very competitive next level core challenge.

    Reasons for why fitness AB wheels are so effective

    The AB wheel rollout is so tough and effective for several reasons.

    Jenkins once said, "your body is basically stretched into a brace, so it's like a moving brace." This requires you to engage multiple core muscles simultaneously. As the name suggests, the main muscle when AB wheels roll out is your abs (technically called your rectus abdominis), which is "the main driver of the movement," chicago-based certified personal trainer Stephanie mansoor tells self. "It's a strength that needs to be strengthened for progress."

    However, Jenkins said, "the transverse abdominal muscles (the deepest abdominal muscles that wrap around your sides and spine) and the internal and external oblique muscles (the muscles on both sides of your stomach) are also key players." If you don't exercise those muscles, you'll either hurt your back or fall on your face, "she explains.

    Most importantly, these abdominal curls enable most of your upper body activity, including the erectus (the muscle that stabilizes movement along the spine) and the latissimus dorsi (or widest back muscle), as well as the deltoid (shoulder), chest, biceps and triceps, Jenkins said. In essence, it's a good whole upper body workout, " she explains.

    Rollers work primarily on your rectus abdominis and deltoid muscles, while the latter half of the roll is actually directed at your core, especially your rectus abdominis, brewer says. "In this part, you have to push from the lower abdomen all the way up to the upper abdomen," mansour added.

    But AB requires more than just your abs and the other muscles mentioned above. They also require synchronization control. "When you roll," mansour says, "you need to exert so much control from the hip flexor to the shoulder." "The whole [muscle] chain needs to work together and there can't be any breaks in the chain." On top of that, the sport is more challenging because of the very small surface area, and you can support your entire body by simply placing your hand on the short handle on the wheel.

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