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    How to Choose a balance board circle for Your Standing Desk


    balance board circles are becoming more and more popular in the mainstream of fixed desks, and this trend does not seem to end soon. Contrary. More and more fixed brokers are looking for ways to make their newly discovered routines more unstable and healthy. If you can't put the treadmill under the table, you can throw away desktop computers or inexpensive balance board circle (even expensive ones are cheaper).

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    As a product category, the balance plate is very diverse. You can find a variety of balance training, physical therapy and exercise equipment in the market, among which the office balance board circle has become a powerful sub-category in the past few years. However, not every balance board circles can meet the needs of long-term users, so let's see how these different products are compared.

    How to choose the standing balance plate?

    Office balance board circles circle themselves are very popular as vertical desktop accessories, but how are they different from the products on the market?

    If you compare the office balance board circles with other boards (according to specifications or face-to-face), the office balance board circle provides more space, stability and aesthetics than almost all balance trainers, rocker boards or rocker boards on the market. Their balance mechanism can accommodate beginners and intermediate users, but it will never be as challenging as senior sports enthusiasts.

    If you're looking for a balance sheet that provides enough exercise without distracting you, consider the following factors before making a choice:

    Balance plate type - depending on the type of circuit board base; for example, a hemisphere allows a plate to swing, so the name of the swing plate is given, whereas the semi-circular bracket only provides swing motion, which is the name of the swing plate.

    Deck Size - If you are tall, you may find larger decks more convenient.

    Design - If you buy it at home or in the office, rather than at a gym or physiotherapy clinic, you may need a better circuit board.

    Types of Balance Plates

    There are many types of balance board circle - swing boards, roller boards and swing boards - which can be used for balance training. Some of them can produce excellent physiotherapy tools, while others inject more challenging equipment into daily exercise. However, most of them are not as suitable for office use as desk balancing boards. There are two types of office balancing boards: rocker (with only one side swinging) and swing (360 degree movement is allowed).

    Balance plate inclination

    The greater the inclination, the more extreme the balance plate. If you're looking for a mild challenge in the office, a 20-degree tilt plate should give you enough swing to attract your core and calf muscles. However, if you are uncomfortable with unstable surfaces, we recommend sticking to 15 degrees or less, unless you want to improve your balance slightly, it may take some learning.

    How important is the balance plate size?

    Usually, the smaller the balance board circles, the greater the user's space constraints. That's why we don't recommend cheaper, professional circuit boards, usually with a maximum deck size of 20 inches and standing desks. Sometimes, in order to concentrate on a particularly difficult task, you have to stop balancing and maintain a comfortable standing position. This is where larger circuit board sizes will prove useful, allowing you to take positions that may exceed 20 inches. In addition, balancing on smaller unstable platforms is often more challenging than on decks 25 or 30 inches wide, which can lead to loss of focus.

    The height of the circuit board is equally important. When you are not focused on the task at hand, in this case, balancing and walking on a fairly unstable surface can become a safety issue. The average height of office balance board circle is no more than 3.5 inches (Pono boards are slightly higher than 3.5 inches), but you may find that a 2-inch balance board circles like BackApp 360 has no difficulty in jumping and jumping.

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