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    Which Exercise Foam Rollers Should We Choose?


    Barbell Foam Roller

    barbell foam rollers

    We have years of experience in producing Barbell Foam Rollers and have the ability and confidence to produce Barbell Foam Rollers in various types of trigger point grids. Barbell Foam Rollers also have many existing foam roller moulds with trigger points that customers can choose from. Therefore, you can save the cost of developing new Barbell Foam Roller injection moulds.

    Our trigger Barbell Foam Rollers are made of qualified Eva foam material with various shapes of trigger mesh. The characteristic trigger grille behaves exactly like the masseur's hand. They will provide users with long-term support to release tension in the muscles or trigger points. Full trigger mesh foam roller with hard core can provide reliable support for users.

    Our trigger mesh foam roller can also be highly customized, including custom logo, color, size, trigger shape, etc. This is a great help to promote the customer brand. They are available in standard colors such as black, blue, pink, red, orange, purple, and gray.

    EPP Foam Roller

    EPP foam rollers

    Our high hardness epp foam rolls are becoming more and more popular with customers. Through advanced molding technology, made of expanded polypropylene foam. Our epp foam rollers are available in both hardcore and hollow core versions. Because of its high hardness, epp foam roller is not easy to lose shape and has long-term durability.

    Foam rollers offer not only basic black but also blue, orange and other color options. They can be customized for spot foam rolls, which are very attractive to customers. Although the standard sizes of the epp foam rollers are 12 inches, 18 inches and 36 inches, they are also available in a variety of custom sizes.

    Our epp foam rolls can be produced using any custom logo. It can be embedded on the surface of the foam roll or printed on the side of the epp foam roll. From here, you can get more quality service for the foam roller.

    EVA Foam Roller

    EVA foam rollers

    Foam rollers provide high quality solid foam rollers. Made of durable EVA foam roller with a strong core structure and non-slip point surface. The Eva foam roller we use has a passivated structure, providing excellent waterproofing and buffering performance.

    Compared with rigid EPP foam roller, solid EVA foam roller has higher density and stronger performance. They can be customized more flexibly. By massaging the floating-point, they are perfect for pilates/yoga practitioners to help them achieve balance. It can also help users eliminate muscle tension and increase core muscle strength and flexibility.

    Eva solid foam rolls come in a variety of standard colors, including blue, red, green, and yellow. The color of the bubbles can also be customized. In addition to our standard size, we can also meet Eva solid foam roll custom size. Don't forget that your company logo can be colored on a foam roller.

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