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    What are the benefits of the balance board circle?


    Advantages of Balanced Board Circle

    A balance plate or swing plate is a platform set above the hemispheres and requires continuous muscular engagement to balance them. Using one is more challenging than the first. The balance board circle works a lot of muscles to keep you in line, not just the main muscle groups you work. The effort to maintain balance improves your sense of propriety, your sense of movement, your posture, changes in balance, and the direction of your body in space.


    Better athletic performance


    Using a balance board circle for balance training improves flexibility and helps you change direction quickly. Strong balance can give you an edge in the fast volleyball, volleyball and volleyball at beach volleyball matches on weekends. Better balance helps adjust your coordination - consider backing up your racquet on the ball, twisting it back to the net and playing on the court to keep the ball moving. You react faster and more confidently to rapid change; Good balance is an advantage when you're rushing to the pool or turning around for a zigzagging child to avoid a puppy passing right in front of your bike. This enhanced version stabilizes your yoga pose and keeps you upright and calm on the rink. A safe balance allows you to take risks in fitness activities and reduce the risk of injury.


    Knees and Ankles


    If you tend to rotate your ankles while exercising or dancing, a balance board might help. A study of volleyball players published in the American journal of sports medicine found that training on a balance board significantly reduced ankle sprains, especially in those with a history of ankle sprains. However, participants with a history of knee disease were more likely to have knee problems after using the plates. The conclusion is that the balance board circle session may strengthen your ankle, but if you've ever had a knee injury, it may not be worth the risk.


    Balance and your brain


    Good posture and balance are the foundation of attention and attention, organized speech, and language understanding. The brain and fine motor skills, and the coordination of the two hemispheres of the brain, depend on vestibular processing -- your perception of the world around you and the alignment of your head and body. Enhanced vestibular processing on the balance plate is used in sensory integration therapy, an area developed by Dr. Jean Ayres to improve learning in patients with sensory integration disorders. Clinical studies by ayres and others have found that balance helps coordinate, control the eyes, focus and language development. Dr. Frank Belgau, an early pioneer in linking certain types of physical activity to brain development, found that balanced activity improved brain function. Balancing challenges activates and builds neural networks that help you learn more effectively and succeed academically.


    Exercise: easy challenge


    Stand barefoot on the balance board, keeping the edge off the ground as much as possible for a minute, gradually increasing the time. Rotate the circuit board so the edges don't touch the floor. Balance your arms and go up. Try bending your knees slightly and squatting hard. Throw the ball into the air or a wall and catch it. Balance on one leg. Close your eyes and do all the exercise. As you balance on the board, hold a light dumbbell in your hands and gently lower your waist in front of you. Shrink your core and twist it left and right as much as possible. Increase your balance sheet income by snowboarding in winter and surfing or skateboarding in summer.

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