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    No need to go out for exercise.Three types of home aerobic fitness equipment are recommended


    No need to go out for exercise. Three types of home aerobic fitness equipment are recommended.

    Some people say that the hardest thing about exercise is the moment you turn around and go out. To avoid these reasons, it's a good idea to exercise at home. You don't have to be restricted by external conditions. You can exercise whenever you want. It's time to add some fitness equipment to your home.If you are too lazy to go out,but also can do at home aerobic,three suitable for the family aerobic fitness equipment recommended:

    1.Aerobic Step Stool

    Had stair step footplate, can watch TV at home while doing step exercise, and with stair step footplate, can do more motion change to increase athletic intensity. And aerobic step stool should be aerobic fitness equipment, we are the most unfamiliar one. Although only look at its appearance, will let a person a little confused, but in fact it can not only be used to do ladder aerobics, but also can be used to do strength training, or even exercise after exercise!

    aerobic step stool

    Aerobic step stool is a high-intensity,low-impact exercise that is less likely to cause injury than other types of exercise.The method can be used to watch TV while constantly climbing the stairs,or can follow the teaching film to jump together.Usually the movement will be four beats up and down,and the use of the pedal itself,to achieve the change in the movement.Plus,it's easy to disassemble and store,it's not bulky and takes up too much space,and it costs less than one-tenth the price of a treadmill or a flywheel.

    Conclusion:the price is very plain,both light and easy to store,is not a space of the fitness equipment.

    2.Running (treadmill)

    Think of aerobic equipment,many people should be the first heart of the emergence of the treadmill!Some people say that the hardest part of exercise is when you turn around and go out,and lazy people always find reasons not to exercise,such as the dark sky,rain,the sun is too big and so on.Setting up a treadmill at home really does seem to get rid of these excuses for slacking off,and it also makes it less boring to watch TV while running.The ability to control speed with precision also makes the treadmill perfect for interval training.But actually running on a treadmill is not the same as actually running on the ground.Because the actual ground will have some slight ups and downs,which will help train the muscle coordination.The ground also gives my body a push forward as I fall,and the treadmill doesn't have that kind of feedback.I feel more like I'm jumping up than I'm running.

    Conclusion:the treadmill can be bought,so that regardless of wind and rain can practice running,but in the case of allowing,or sometimes to run outdoors,physical coordination will be better.

    3.Spinning (flywheel)

    Spinning and exercise bikes are similar in appearance,so there is often confusion.Spinning is a simulation of the road bike design,can achieve the effect of climbing,sprinting,the need for a higher skill.Fitness bike can be divided into vertical (sitting riding) or horizontal (reclining riding),but the flywheel can not only sit riding,but also can stand riding,can achieve a higher level of exercise intensity.And,successive trample flywheel 30 minutes,can use up about 500 to 550 big calorie,it is to burn calorie quite tall in oxygen motion.

    Conclusion:burn fat efficiency is extremely high,it is the equipment that can invest,but the price of flywheel car compares average fitness car tall,should oneself evaluate to see value is not worth!

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