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    Stamina Aerobic Step Training Tips


    Stamina aerobic step launched in the late 1980s has completely changed the fitness industry.It is a multi-functional training method.By simply changing the height of the steps and adjusting the steps in different motion ranges,it can more or less strengthen the rhythm. Research supporting step-by-step training includes cardiopulmonary health,weight management and mood enhancement.

    Stamina Aerobic Step Training Tips

    Platform height

    The height of the platform depends on the level of aerobic fitness,current skills and step training,and the degree of knee bending when the pedal is full.Losers should start at four inches,while highly skilled and experienced walkers can use ten inches.The most common height is 8 inches.


    Regardless of fitness or skill level, participants should not exercise at platform height,and when the knee is full(when all weight is on the first leg up the steps),the knee will bend more than 90 degrees.People with chronic knee disease should seek medical approval.


    Head up,shoulders down and back,chest up,abdomen slightly contracted,buttocks gently clipped under the buttocks.Don't stretch your knees too far or backward at any time. When lifting,lean from the ankle rather than the waist to avoid excessive waist pressure.

    quicken paces

    Touch the platform with the sole of your foot. Avoid injuries to the Achilles tendon.Don't let the heel fall on the edge of the platform.Walk gently to avoid unnecessary high impact.Check the platform regularly to ensure that your feet are properly placed.

    Step down

    Close to the platform(no more than one shoe length),allow your high heels to touch the floor and help absorb the impact.Pressing the heel on the floor when trampling too far can cause tendon damage.If the step platform is too far away from the platform,please do not push the heel onto the floor.Keep the weight of your forefoot.


    Change the forefoot in less than a minute.Forelimbs bear greater musculoskeletal pressure than non-forelimbs.

    The pace of progress

    Don't push for more than a minute at a time(both feet off the ground or platform at the same time).Propulsion stage leads to higher vertical impact,which is considered an advanced technology.

    All the steps should be carried out on the platform,not from the platform down.


    To avoid exerting pressure on the supporting leg,do not repeat it more than five times in a row on the same leg(non-supporting leg moves repeatedly,such as knee lift).


    Master footwork before adding arm movements.Avoid using shoulders or arms above shoulders for long periods of time,as this will put too much pressure on shoulder straps.Always change arm movements in low,medium and high ranges.


    Musical rhythm above 128 beats per minute(bpm)is not recommended.When music is too fast,technology and security will be compromised.


    The use of weights in aerobic exercise hardly increases energy expenditure or muscle mass.However,the risk of shoulder joint injuries increases significantly when heavy objects move rapidly in wide range of motion,especially when the arms are fully extended.It is suggested to reserve weight for the strength part of step training.

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