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    Wear a balance board circle to get fit anytime and anywhere


    Now more and more people like fitness,because fitness is not only healthy for the body is good,fitness equipment also has a lot of types,a lot of people like to balance board circle for fitness,in fact,the fitness effect of this kind of fitness is very good.Wear a balance board circle to get fit anytime and anywhere.

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    Balance board circle is a very popular sports and fitness equipment at home and abroad,with a simple portable,unlimited space,fitness shaping effect obvious advantages,with it,you can start your fitness plan anytime and anywhere.Introduce a few kinds commonly used,simple and easy to learn balance board circle fitness way to everybody below,believe everybody will like certainly!


    1. Stand on the balance board circle


    Step on both ends of balance board circle respectively,tighten abdominal muscle,at the same time with ham muscle (quadriceps) with abdominal muscle coordinate each other to find good balance to stand firm,maintain 10 minutes.A simple pose has a great effect on strengthening and shaping the muscles of the abdomen and legs.


    2, balance board circle squat


    Stand on balance board circle,after finding good balance to stand firm,slow bend one's knees crouch,double upper limbs is flat at the same time extend or embrace bosom to help the body maintains balance,crouch process should maintain knee not to exceed tiptoe,similar station horse pace,every time crouch best can maintain 20 seconds,do 10 times in all.This action has very big help to reducing abdomen proud flesh,strong abdominal muscle.


    3. Exercise support on the balance board circle


    Lie down facing the balance board circle,support both ends of the balance board circle with your hands,touch the ground with your toes,keep your back straight and tighten your abs.You can hold this position for 30 seconds at the beginning,and then gradually extend the time according to your ability.This action has very good effect to strong abdominal muscle,back muscle and other muscle of whole body.


    There are a lot of balance plate sports fitness forms,today to introduce the three posture,simple and easy to learn,easy to adhere to,I believe that we practice these kinds of sports,not only can obviously experience the effect of fitness shaping,and for further contact more complex forms of sports will be of great help.


    Although the balance plate movement is simple and easy to learn,and relatively safe,for people who do not have too much experience in sports or fitness,it is recommended to exercise under the help and supervision of a coach or experienced people,and to step by step,so as to achieve the purpose of exercise,avoid injury.


    Above introduced balance board circle should how use for everybody,while choosing this kind of fitness means,we need to understand the correct method that its use,take balance board circle,fitness model at any time and place,do not believe you can try.

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