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    Home aerobics : aerobic step stool


    Is there an alternative to buying a flywheel or a treadmill to keep at home?The answer is yes.As long as you have a pedal,you can do aerobic step stool!

    Home aerobics : aerobic step stool

    What is ladder aerobics?

    Ladder oxygen is a kind of high intensity low impact sports,not easy to cause sports injury,and the most different place with general oxygen is the use of the pedal.Usually with music,do four beats up and down the action,must be flexible use of the ladder pedal,in order to complete the change of dance steps aerobic step stool can not only improve cardiopulmonary function,but also strengthen the lower body muscle group has a certain degree of help.When proceeding,must use the footplate that suits individual height,and increase footplate height in time,can raise athletic intensity more.In addition,the step pedal can not only be used to do step aerobics,but also can be used to do strength training and exercise after the collection.


    Matters needing attention


    1.Adjust the number of washers to make the pedal suitable for its own height.If the pedal is too high,it will cause excessive knee pronation,causing excessive pressure on the knee joint and even wear on the knee joint.


    2.on the step,the whole foot should be close to the pedal,some people can not follow the rhythm of music,there will be heel off the ground situation.


    3.Keep your back straight but slightly relaxed.If you keep your back straight all the time,your back muscles will be too tight.


    4.Although the pedal itself has a little shock absorption function,but still need to wear sneakers,so as not to jump in the foot and knee too much impact.

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