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    Barbell Foam Roller self-massage principle introduction


    Barbell Foam Roller self-massage principle introduction

    Barbell foam rollers are called yoga rollers,yoga sticks,foam rollers or massage rollers.

    The rolling of the foam drum helps the muscles of the body to relax deeply and increases the blood circulation to the muscles.

    The barbell foam roller applies to a wide range of muscles,from the calf,thigh,hamstring,hip flexor,waist,abdomen,back,etc.,almost you can roll,can be used.

    Barbell Foam Roller self-massage principle introduction

    How does it work?

    GTO(Golgi Tendon Organ)

    Tendons are sensitive to "changes in tension".When tendons feel tension load is too high and they may be in danger of injury,they will relax muscles to exert a protective effect.This protective effect is called "Autogenic Inhibition".

    By understanding the concept of spontaneous inhibition,we can force the muscles to tighten through the motion of the foam axis,and then trigger the mechanism of GTO,leading to the gower tendon apparatus to relax the muscles.By allowing our muscles to relax,we can also increase the flexibility and flexibility of the body and reduce the chance of injury.

    Barbell Foam Roller self-massage principle introduction

    What are the benefits of SMR

    Traditional stretching increases muscle length only briefly without injury.SMR through barbell foam roller is helpful for the decomposition of soft tissue adhesives and scar tissue.This SMR provides an effective,inexpensive,and convenient way to reduce the accumulation of adhesives and scar tissue and eliminate the basic amount produced throughout the day.But barbell foam drum can not have a big change overnight, or must continue to use.

    However,barbell foam rollers are not recommended for people with circulatory problems or chronic pain.Consult your doctor before using them.

    Equipment requirements

    An barbell foam roller,available at milysport's website

    Mode of operation

    The way to do it is very simple,by using your body weight to do a "slow"roll on the barbell foam roller.Once you find a sore spot on the roll,roll back and forth around the sore spot until the pain is gone,and then move on to other muscle groups.

    There is a rule for how to scroll:do it in sections.

    In the quadriceps,for example,it rolls around in the top half until it feels relaxed,then in the bottom half.

    If you want to massage after the exercise,please finish the finishing exercise first,the body has returned to the normal temperature,and then massage.

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