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    The benefits of an aerobic step stool


    Aerobic step stool trains your body for coordination

    The benefits of an aerobic step stool

    Aerobic step stools are mainly used in the aerobics fitness equipment,in the professional aerobics, aerobics coach by design with a complete set of movements, and people together to do more, feel very fun, if you are alone at home, may feel more boring, at this time can cooperate with the rhythm of music, or watch television and do, increase the sense of rhythm and fun.

    Milysport suggestion, the beginner does the aerobic step stool movement, at the beginning had better act according to one's ability, by each movement 8-10 primarily, does 1-2 groups of movements each time, after waiting for the movement to be more skilled, each movement again increases to 12-15, each time 3-5 groups. Such lasting motion every week 3-5 times, 2-3 weeks later, the line that can feel lower body apparently especially waist hip becomes firmer, the action that USES footplate to do push-up, also can make bosom muscle firmer.


    Board operation for a form of aerobics is becoming increasingly fashionable method of weight loss, pedal operation for aerobics and general aerobics is different on the pedal aerobics movements and steps. Step stool exercise has all the characteristics of aerobics, plus its height can be adjusted, fitness can easily maintain the effective intensity of exercise weight loss according to their own situation, it is more effective to improve their weight loss effect, coordination.


    Step stool operation for aerobic aerobics, is in the state of adequate oxygen for a long time, low intensity exercise. Move below this kind of intensity, can make your leg ministry strong rise, the line of muscle is more slender, solve the problem of coxal flagging effectively, in addition to footboard hold the stretch in the action and stretch pull, make your action more agile, more lightsome.


    (1) consume a lot of energy, fat and enhance cardiopulmonary function:


    Because want to overcome gravity action, finish so same motion, oxygen does exercise to want to use up energy more than undertaking on flat ground, at the same time the reasonable increase of athletic load also will be helpful for the improvement of heart and lung function.


    (2) shaping effect on legs and buttocks:


    In all the up and down step stool movements, the main muscles that exert force are the thigh and hip muscles. The resistance they have to overcome is gravity, and this resistance is much smaller than the maximum force. Because this step stool belongs to the small weight that grows to fight resistance muscle to practice, can have to use up leg ministry, coxal redundant and adipose, achieve outstanding muscle line and do not increase the action that muscle surrounds degree again, to model strong and handsome leg ministry and coxal very good help.


    (3) cultivate a good sense of orientation:


    Because footplate is a stereo thing, have height, length, width, so when using it to undertake training, cannot resemble be on ground same follow one's inclinations. For example, too close to the board or lift the leg is not easy to kick the pedal over; Too far from the board and can not step on the board; step too big or step on the edge of the step stool easy to fall, etc. This requires that we have a good sense of position, including the position of their own position and step stool position.

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