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    EPP Foam Roller massage teaching : calf triceps!


    EPP Foam Roller massage teaching : calf triceps!

    The EPP foam roller is a good tool to help massage and relax the fascia.It is characterized by the use of our own weight,rolling back and forth to squeeze the fascia to achieve the purpose of massage.

    EPP Foam Roller massage teaching

    EPP foam rollers work for everyone.For athletes is necessary!It also helps you increase flexibility, improve joint mobility, reduce fatigue and speed recovery.

    Relax the back of your calf

    Bad because of the movement and lifestyle,the majority of the lower leg triceps are strained,jiang tight triceps leg can limit the activity of the ankle (squat ankle motion deficiency can lead to squat down),using roller massage,can make us warm a calf muscle before the movement will open,restore softness,improve ankle motion!So that we can move more smoothly!

    Action process:

     EPP Foam Roller massage teaching

    1.Use supine,then support with both hands,legs straight,the roller is located at the back of the calf!

    2.Pull the drum up and down to roll back and forth with arm support!

    3.Roll up below your knees and down above your ankles!Last 20 to 30 seconds.


    1.Keep your body steady while rolling.

    2.You can also work on one leg and increase the intensity of the massage.

    3.Special sore spots can also be found and can be moved around in a small area! Rotate your hips left and right!

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