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    Is that right?Muscle-fascia relaxation techniques with Barbell Foam Roller


    Barbell Foam Roller muscle-fascia relaxation is becoming more and more popular!

    Is that right?Muscle-fascia relaxation techniques with Barbell Foam Roller

    Musculoaponeurotic relaxation can help you return tight muscles to a relaxed state, increase flexibility, improve range of motion,reduce excessive muscle tension,release joint pressure,and improve neuromuscular efficiency and function.

    For athletes or fitness enthusiasts!SMR is more and more indispensable!

    But do you really roll the barbell foam shaft?

    Just like sports training!Barbell Foam Roller muscle fascia relaxation is also a skill! It's not just a matter of picking up the foam shaft and rolling it around!

    What are the basic items to pay attention to when Barbell Foam Roller is used for muscle massage?What skills do you need to master?

    ■ Remember to press in the process,do not because of the acid or pain so don't breathe,try to press in the process,continue to deep breathing.

    ■ Remember to press,do not because of the acid or pain so muscle tension,should be relaxed muscle massage operation.

    ■ After the massage operation,remember to walk,increase the blood circulation in the massage place. Blood flow combines with the oxygen from deep breathing to give your muscles flexibility.

    ■ Keep your shoulders,spine and pelvis in good position.It doesn't matter what position you're in,what muscles you're massaging!Ask an experienced coach to tell you the correct form and technique.Look in the mirror and see if you're doing it right,whether your hips are saggy or your spine is twisted.

    ■ Press within 1 hour before and after training and half an hour before bed for best results.

    When someone presses,it hurts so much that they close their breath or even contract and tighten their muscles.Try following the advice above.If the pain is unbearable,pay attention to adjust the rolling force and choose a soft roller!

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