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    Which barbell foam roller is better? Soft or hard? How long should I buy the barbell foam roller?


    Many fitness friends asked"barbell foam roller should choose what kind of better"!And in the end to buy a little diameter or a little thin? What about soft or hard?

    Which barbell foam roller is better

    Question: how to choose the hardness and size of barbell foam roller?


    For those who have never had self-fascia relaxation (SMR), it is recommended to start with the softer barbell foam roller.


    Because of high compressibility, appearing to soft tissue invasion intensity (Penetration) lighter; Over time, a harder foam shaft can be used to compress deeper into the soft tissue because of the reduced deformation and compressibility.


    The barbell foam roller with larger diameter has less penetration into soft tissue than that with smaller diameter. People who start SMR can choose a tool with a larger diameter and, over time, switch to one with a smaller diameter.


    To add, about the length of the part:"long convenient operation;For example,the body lies straight on the barbell foam roller. The barbell foam roller is too short. So take the time to understand your needs and actions before you make a purchase.


    Are there any special operations that need attention?


    1. Please ensure that proper alignment of the body is maintained during operation.


    2. Please keep"Drawing-In" all the time to provide stability of lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint structure (LPHC).


    3.by the body limbs and the ground contact area, to increase or decrease pressure, soft tissue strength. For example, when you press on your calf, place the other foot across the pressing leg to increase the pressure.


    4. Press slowly rather than quickly, which increases the stimulation of soft tissue. Remember, your goal is to inhibit overactive soft tissue, not to reactivate it.


    5. Relax the pressing area. If there is tension in the area being pressed, this prevents the barbell foam roller from penetrating deeper into the soft tissue.


    6.Stop at the point of pain until the pain subsides and the soft tissue becomes soft. (maximum pain tolerance is about 30 seconds, compared with 90 seconds for the lower back).


    7. Restricted areas of the fascia are more painful during operation. When the soft tissue constraints are removed, the pain is reduced. (in other words, if you feel more and more pain after pressing, please stop the operation and ask other professional doctors for evaluation and treatment.)


    And the part of barbell foam roller, also have hand type (such as Stick release bar), let the operator himself or your partner to carry out the operation, the greater the force applied, the higher the strength of the immersion,for the barbell foam roller is not easy to operate to the place, is a choice. For older or overweight people, who may struggle to operate on the ground, hand-held barbell foam rollers are an alternative.

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