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    Do You Know How To Use The EPP Foam Roller?


    The foam roller man is no stranger to everyone. This is what we call a solid yoga column. You don't underestimate him, but you have a wide range of applications. From the calves, thighs, and hip flexors to the waist, abdomen, back, and more, almost everything you can get, you can massage and relax the muscles involved.

    How To Use The EPP Foam Roller

    If you're a fitness lover or runner, the EPP foam roller is also a very useful device for relaxing the fascia and relieving sore running muscles. In short, this is a cheap massage therapist beyond imagination. The stiff legs relaxed immediately after the long run.

    Therefore, every runner should have their own EPP foam roller.

    Because this is a scientific position, we have to be responsible for telling everyone what you need to know when you use the EPP foam roller.

    Four originals

    1. Don't kid yourself

    If you use the EPP foam roller correctly, it can be used as a warm-up or post-workout relaxation. However, if you are using a EPP foam roller to make your muscles sore, affecting your performance or recovery, you need to adjust your massage immediately.

    2. Slowly rolling

    Rolling the EPP foam roller can be particularly painful and sometimes unbearable. As a result, many people intentionally roll faster to reduce pain. However, too fast massage can greatly affect the effect of EPP foam roller relaxation fascia. All you need to do is focus on balance and master balance and roll as slowly as possible.

    3. Multiple perspectives

    In order to achieve the best massage effect, you need to massage from multiple angles. If you know a little bit about muscle anatomy, you can roll in the direction of the muscle fibers.

    4. Adhere to the virtue

    Spend about 10 minutes a day relaxing your muscles briefly but effectively. This will promote muscle recovery, prevent sports injuries, and improve your performance in the long run. Of course, stick to the most important things.

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