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    Essential for muscle pain, barbell foam roller function and usage!


    Barbell foam roller also known as yoga roller, yoga stick or massage roller.

    barbell foam roller function and usage

    The barbell foam roller, which is generally made of light weight and full of cushioning elasticity, can help yoga practitioners complete various balancing movements. Made of high purity EVA material.


    The barbell foam roller applies to a wide range of muscles, from the calf, thigh, popliteal muscle, hip flexor, waist, abdomen, back, etc., almost you can roll, can be used.

    The benefits of using a barbell foam roller


    Can eliminate muscle tension to strengthen the core muscle strength, flexibility to achieve physical balance, is an indispensable equipment in modern yoga practice. Not only does the barbell foam roller extend muscles and tendons, it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. You can use your own weight and a cylindrical barbell foam roller from me to massage and release the myofascial, breaking the trigger point, relieving tension in the fascia, while increasing blood flow and soft tissue circulation.


    1. Release the myofascial membrane and tighten the muscles.


    2. As an exercise massage, barbell foam roller can bring many benefits and low cost.


    3. The barbell foam roller not only extends the muscles and tendons, but also breaks up the soft tissue adhesion and scar tissue. You can use your own weight and a cylindrical barbell foam roller to massage and release the myofascial membrane, break the trigger point, relieve the tension of the fascia, and increase the blood flow and circulation of the soft tissue.


    But the barbell foam roller can not change overnight, or must continue to use. Foam spools are not recommended for people with circulatory problems or chronic pain. Consult your doctor before using them.


    Mode of operation


    The method of operation is very simple, by your body weight on the barbell foam roller to do "slow" rolling, once rolling, found that there is a sore point, please in the pain point, rolling back and forth until the pain is eliminated, and then to the other muscle groups.


    There's a rule for how you roll: do it in sections.


    For example, in the quadriceps region, start rolling from the upper middle, until you feel relaxed, then roll from the middle to the lower middle, in sections. If you want to massage after exercise, please finish the exercise or even ice compress, ice bath, the body has returned to the normal temperature, then massage.

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