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    Basic footwork of stamina aerobic step


    Stamina aerobic step is a kind of aerobic exercise, need a can adjust the height of the step to assist. Maybe many people are still not familiar with it. So how does stamina aerobic step work out? What are the considerations?

     Basic footwork of stamina aerobic step

    Aerobic exercise


    Several footwork of stamina aerobic step exercises


    Basic step (Basic)


    Starting position: stand in the center of the step.


    Main action: left foot top board, right foot keep up, left foot bottom board, right foot keep up, stand on the ground.


    Note: the left foot basic step is the simplest and most basic step in the step.


    Step Step V (V-Step)


    Starting position: center of the front step.


    Simple explanation: similar to the basic step, but the feet are separated on the board.


    Main points of action: the upper board of the left foot is located in the center of the board to the left, and the upper board of the right foot is located in the center of the board to the right, making the feet v-shaped; Turn your feet back.


    Note: stand with your feet on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart on the board.


    Upper board point and lower board point (Uptapdowntap)


    Starting position: hands akimbo, facing the step.


    Main points of action: step on the board with left foot, step on the board with right foot, step down the board with right foot in turn, step on the ground with left foot.


    Note: change feet when going up or down.


    Step rotation (Turnstep)


    Starting position: in front of the board, facing to one side.


    Simple instructions: start at the side of the board, turning at the same time, do the basic step deformation.


    Main points of action: left foot upper board, right foot following the upper board, turn left at the same time, left foot lower board, slightly turn left, right foot lower board to the ground, put it beside the left foot; Right foot top board, turn right side at the same time, right foot bottom board, turn right a little, left foot bottom board comes to the ground, put beside right foot.


    Note: rotate your body by the position of your foot on the board to avoid ankle sprains.


    Above is small make up the basic footwork that introduces to everybody aerobic footwork, the friend that wants fitness, reduce weight can practice. So what do you pay attention to when you do aerobics?


    Sport common sense


    Matters needing attention in aerobic step exercise


    Step aerobics:


    Put a rectangular plastic table in front of each person in the steping class, and complete the complete set of movements under the guidance of the coach.


    Often will step on or across the step, modern step class will also be integrated with comprehensive quality and aerobics, etc.


    The safety of footplate is good, jump action rarely, and give priority to with ambulate. The move of footplate hold is more even, interest sex is higher.




    The step in fitness club holds cent elementary intermediate and advanced, can choose the course of difficulty according to oneself need, should keep pace with successive pace not only when having a class.


    The upper body also has to make different movements, new movements emerge one after another, there are many associated with the dance, it is suggested that beginners from the primary class, learn the movement is the most important.




    Usually a step class for 45 minutes, step exercise than flat aerobic exercise to consume more energy, to improve heart and lung function, at the same time to make the body muscle strong slender, fat fast!


    Dance 15 to 20 minutes, equivalent to about 30 minutes of aerobic dance, at least two or three hundred calories can be consumed!


    Want the MM of reduce weight to be able to choose footplate to hold so. But the key to everything is to adhere to oh!


    Summary: the above small make up to introduce the steps, effects and some points to pay attention to. In fact, every fitness movement needs to adhere to, otherwise there is no effect at all.

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