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    Stamina aerobic step and step aerobics is a way to exercise your body


    Stamina aerobic step exercise, for the love of fitness and some friends are not strange, but for some friends do not often go to the gym, it is very strange, today small make up for you to introduce the knowledge of stamina aerobic step exercise this sport, want to know what friends come to see.

     Stamina  aerobic step is a way to exercise your body

    Stamina aerobic step hold is the pedal that can adjust height with the aid of a piece will undertake up step next the movement that takes with bouncing, very popular inside gym, and have very strong heart and lung function to take exercise the effect.


    Because its move feeling, the characteristic of passion and good model body action to female leg, buttock, stamina aerobic step holds long flourishing in gym, be regarded as one of classical fitness means by people, it is a kind of increasingly fashionable method reducing weight more.


    The footplate that exercises stamina aerobic step is long commonly 100 centimeters, wide 35 centimeters, tall 8 centimeters. The height of footplate also can adjust according to athletic level, footplate technology, the curve of knee joint and.




    Stamina aerobic step exercise is a form of aerobic exercise that requires a long period of physical exercise with sufficient oxygen supply. In this medium-intensity exercise, you will use more energy to complete the movement than you do on flat ground.


    Stamina aerobic step holds can make your leg ministry strong rise, the line of muscle is more slender, solve the problem of coxal prolapse effectively, in addition to stamina aerobic step holds the stretch in the action and stretch, make your action more agile, more lightsome. At the same time, it can also improve people's heart and lung function.


    Appropriate crowd:


    stamina aerobic step exercise is suitable for all people, especially for women who have been sitting in the office for a long time and lack of exercise on their legs, and those who want to make their legs strong and healthy and change the sagging of their hips. This program is not suitable for patients with heart disease, leg injuries (especially knee, ankle, thigh ligament injuries), physical weakness (such as delivery of the latter, recovery) exercise.


    Movement preparation:


    1. Stop eating 1 hour before exercise (if necessary, eat small amount of digestible fruits and vegetables, liquid food).


    2. Wear relaxed and breathable sportswear.


    3. Warm up adequately. As a result of double footplate main action is on, bottom board, turn board, springboard to wait, want to emphasize so the warm-up of pair of ham, ankle, accomplish sufficient extend.


    4. Drink a certain amount of plain boiled water. Drink 350ml plain boiled water before exercise.


    Matters needing attention:


    1. Pay attention to the shift of center of gravity when going up and down.


    2. During the action, it is recommended to drink a small amount of drinking water every 15 minutes. Principle: a small amount many times.


    3. after the exercise to do a good job of full extension, especially the leg and hip extension.


    Close prompt:


    1. to wear good elastic clothes, the composition of cotton, lycra is appropriate. Of course, you should also wear sneakers, preferably air-cushioned, which act as a buffer. Some people jump Step barefoot, it is easy to hurt the ankle.


    2. every week should do 3 times at least, 3 months are a cycle (a class can consume 1000-1500 kilocalorie).


    3. If there is any uncoordinated movement caused by leg fatigue during exercise, and any part of the body has obvious pain or dizziness, rapid heartbeat, etc., please stop the exercise immediately and have a reasonable rest.


    4. many women worry about the stamina aerobic step exercise easy to make the legs thick, in fact, this worry is not necessary. According to the expert introduction, pedal holds is the long, medium low intensity exercise that undertakes below the condition that provides oxygen adequately, won't make muscle developed.


    Conclusion: stamina aerobic step exercise is a good exercise, in between ups and downs will have a good physical effect, and will not have a negative effect, the above is small make up for you to introduce the pedal exercise knowledge, also hope to help some friends who want to exercise, I wish you can better exercise their bodies.

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