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    Relax restore artifact EPP foam roller new gameplay, EPP foam roller+DMS perfect combination!


    EPP foam roller also known as yoga roller, yoga stick, foam roller or massage roller, by the foam roller rolling to help the body's muscle groups for deep relaxation, increase muscle blood circulation. The foam shaft, which originated in Europe, was made of wood in the early days and was later replaced by a light, moderately hard foam.

     Relax restore artifact EPP foam roller new gameplay

    The role of EPP foam roller training


    EPP foam roller training is used to warm up (activate the muscles) before training and relax after exercise. Users can place the EPP foam roller on the corresponding muscles and use their own weight to generate pressure and relax the tense muscles.


    Common EPP foam roller training methods include: EPP foam roller fascia relaxation training method, EPP foam roller stretching training method and EPP foam roller core strength training method. For athletes and the general public, the EPP foam roller is mainly used for muscle relaxation and recovery. In addition, it can also be used to improve the perception of the body, improve the quality of balance and coordination, enhance flexibility, and ultimately effectively eliminate sports fatigue and reduce the incidence of sports injuries.


    Principle of EPP foam roller


    EPP foam roller relaxation exercises have a dual effect, targeting the fascia and muscles, respectively. For muscles, the EPP foam roller USES the principle of muscle self-inhibition to relax. When the person that practice USES oneself weight to make EPP foam roller produces certain pressure on the muscle, muscle tension can increase, tendon produces excitement because of be stimulated, impulse is passed into central along sensory nerve, thereby reflex sex causes the diastole of the muscle, get loosen the effect of the muscle.


    For the fascia, the EPP foam roller can decompose the adhesion material accumulated between fascia layers by applying pressure on the fascia itself, thereby releasing the myofascial tension, even relaxing the trigger point and softening the adhesive scar tissue.


    But the traditional bubble axis still exist some deficiencies, for the long-term movement fitness, is likely to feel the traditional bubble shaft can massage to his superficial muscle, is difficult to get more "deep" feeling, also is some deep muscle group is not to relax, so on this basis to develop a new black technology - bubble shaft vibration.


    Vibration EPP foam roller is to add high-frequency vibration of different intensity on the basis of the traditional EPP foam roller to reduce muscle soreness, relieve high muscle tension after the game, effectively improve the soft tissue relaxation effect and the range of motion of the joint and improve the whole relaxation process to another level. In addition, the vibrating EPP foam roller can also be used for pre-competition excitatory neuromuscular, rapid mobilization of muscles, so that the explosive force level can be increased.


    In addition, vibration therapy, a new type of therapy, has been added to this black science and technology. Vibration therapy has been in simple use since ancient Greece, when medical workers used hand trainers to deliver vibration stimulation to the affected area to improve body function.


    The "beating method", "shaking method" and "shaking method" in ancient Chinese massage are also the embodiment of vibration therapy in rehabilitation. Their favorite Stimulator for Deep Muscle Stimulator is vibration therapy.


    Advantages of vibrating EPP foam roller (EPP foam roller +DMS)


    1. Accelerate local blood circulation, promote lactic acid metabolism and eliminate muscle fatigue


    2. Reduce myofascial tension and improve the ductility of fascia


    3. Adjust the pain gate to relieve muscle soreness


    4. Mechanical vibration relaxes muscles to improve joint mobility and flexibility


    Traditional EPP foam roller is generally have the effect of eliminating fatigue and relax the muscle fascia, but in effect and the comfort level is below the bubble vibration shaft, because the human body as a whole, and foam shaft vibration exist different frequencies of vibration that one set, it will relax the tense muscles get a whole, rather than just shallow muscles relax. So when you're done using the vibrating foam shaft to relax, you won't feel your deep muscles still tense, but a state of complete relaxation.

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