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    Easy mistake to make when using barbell foam roller!


    When a lot of people are using barbell foam roller fitness, often because use barbell foam roller is incorrect, and produce the result with twice the effort.

    Easy mistake to make when using barbell foam roller

    The barbell foam roller is one of the most commonly used training tools, especially for knee and thigh strength training.

    However, when using the barbell foam roller, many people often get wasted because of the wrong way to use it. You should know some common mistakes about the use of the barbell foam roller and how to correct them.

    ▌ Error 1: direct rolling area of pain!

    When we feel depressed, our first reaction is to directly massage the point. But that could be a big mistake. Some researchers say the pain area is a victim of tension caused by an imbalance in other parts of the body.

    Let's take the iliotibial band as an example. Barbell foam roller compression is a commonly prescribed treatment for ITBS. While rolling the iliotibial band may feel good, the idea of releasing or relaxing the iliotibial band is a misconception. The iliotibial band is a strong piece of connective tissue, an elongated extension of the tendons of individual muscles that cannot be relaxed by rolling. What we mean by "relaxing" the iliotibial band is actually relaxing the tendons that make up the iliotibial band and the muscles that they're attached to.

    Correction: press indirectly before pressing directly. If you find a sensitive spot, which is a clue, you can start rolling at a nearby location first. For the iliotibial band, roll to relax the gluteus maximus, tensor fascia lata, and then relax the iliotibial band.

    ▌ Error 2: rolling too fast!

    While it feels good to roll the barbell foam roller back and forth quickly (if you don't have pain), this is not the way to get rid of the stickiness. There is a good chance that rolling too fast means that you are not putting enough pressure on yourself, which means that the massage does not go deep into the skin, but only in the superficial layer, rather than playing a deep relaxing role.

    Correction: work slowly to allow the superficial fascia and muscles time to adjust. When a local area with high tension is found, the barbell foam roller is carried out in a short distance before and after movement. If there are only a few sensitive areas, there is no reason to roll an entire muscle.

    ▌ Error 3: spend too much time on the "knot"!

    We often hear that if you feel a "dot," take the time to use the barbell foam roller to relax on the dot. However, some people spend five to 10 minutes or more at this point. If you keep applying pressure to this area, you may actually touch a nerve or damage soft tissue, which can lead to bruising.

    Correction: 20 second treatment at a point of high tension. You can control how much body weight to use for a massage.

    Easy mistake to make when using foam shaft! Don't roll!

    ▌ Error 4: bad posture!

    What position does foam axis massage take? There are many and there is no fixed correct posture. But changeless is when massaging the body some place, the position that needs tight tight tight tight, the position that needs to loosen wants to loosen. When you roll the iliotibial band, use one arm to support the weight of the upper body, but the rolling side leg should be relaxed. When you roll the front of your thigh, the rest of your body, including the other leg, is essentially tight except for the leg on one side. If you don't pay attention to your posture, you may exacerbate an existing body position deviation.

    Correct: the way that observes oneself to do is correct, hip has without prolapse, vertebra has without twist to wait. The best way to do this is by looking in a mirror or photographing it with a fixed video.

    ▌ Error 5: use barbell foam roller in the waist!

    What we should know is that all massage relaxation is always performed on the muscles, and the effect of massage depends on the degree of relaxation of the muscles themselves. When we use barbell foam roller to massage the waist, not to mention the fact that there is no big muscle near the lumbar spine can be relaxed through the barbell foam roller, only rolling this action, will cause the spine part of the muscles to contract to protect the spine, completely can not relax the function.

    Correction: since the upper back has shoulder blades and muscles protecting the spine, you can use the barbell foam roller to press on the upper back. Stop as soon as the ribs are touched. If you want to release the lower back, try yoga's Child's Pose or barbell foam roller connecting the muscles of the lower back, the piriformis (located deep in the hips), hip flexor, and rectus femoris (the main muscle in the quadriceps).

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