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    Six minutes abdominal bombing training! You need this fitness AB wheel.


    I don't know when the abdominal muscles have become the standard to test whether a person's figure is shaped or not. Some friends often ask, "How can we train the abdominal muscles?" ". The answer is very simple, that is to reduce body fat + exercise muscle!

    Reducing body fat requires aerobic or HIIT training to burn excess fat.

    If you practice your abdominal muscles, this group of movements may help you!


    Abdominal exercises1


    Abdominal exercises2


    Abdominal exercises3


    Abdominal exercises4


    Abdominal exercises5

    Each action lasts 30 seconds, and two groups are done in a cycle.

    The interval was 30 seconds to 1 minute.

    Training 2 to 3 times a week!

    That adds up to only five minutes?

    Less than 6 minutes?!

    Did I make a mistake?


    Of course not.

    There's another action left unsaid.

    Because the sixth action requires a prop.

    - fitness AB wheel

    fitness AB wheel

    That's it.

    You can train with standing posture.

    Extreme tearing of abdominal muscles,

    Perhaps the steps are as follows:

    standing posture

    But it's usually difficult.

    It is suggested to start with kneeling posture:

    kneeling posture

    And it's really good.

    Not only has obvious exercise effect on abdominal muscles,

    Core strength is also adequate training!

    Besides standing and kneeling,

    It also has other different postures!

    Exercise leg: Sit in a chair, put your feet on the handle of the abdominal wheel, push the abdominal wheel forward with your feet, extend forward, and then recover and return to position, and operate repeatedly.

    Yoga training: Sit on the ground, open your feet into V-shaped, grasp the abdominal wheel handle body forward or right to extend to the maximum, and then return to the position, repeated operation.

    Back training: Sit on the ground, put the abdominal wheel behind your back, grasp the handle of the abdominal wheel with both hands to push the abdominal fitter, so as to maximize the extension of the body backward, and then recover and return to position, repeated operation.

    Light intensity training: facing the wall, lifting the abdominal wheel to push the wall, extending upward, and then returning to the position, repeated operation.

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