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    How To Use Fitness AB Wheel-The Most Effective And Fastest Way To Exercise Abdominal Muscle In a Month


    The most effective and fastest way to exercise abdominal muscle, how to use abdominal muscle wheel, how to practice abdominal muscle in a month, I'm mily, see the title, you know the theme of this article, the main readers of this article are boys, I believe that few girls should practice abdominal muscle, but girls can also follow this method of training. You can lose weight!

    80% of the people will use the method of "sit-ups" well, to get to the point, I believe that 80% of people together to the abdominal muscles are "sit-ups", it may take several months to see the effect, and also take a few minutes to complete! But we all work so busily, may not spare time to spend! The main thing I want to say is, don't use this method!

    The most effective and fastest way to exercise abdominal muscles is to look before the healthy abdominal wheel. I don't know if you have seen it before. Under LOOK, if you first touch the healthy abdominal wheel, your friends will feel very strange.

    fitness AB wheel

    There are two methods of fitness AB wheel exercise online. One is kneeling exercise, the other is standing exercise. The following picture shows the kneeling exercise method!

    kneeling exercise of fitness AB wheel

    It's not recommended that you do this. It's recommended that you do it standing up directly, which will stimulate your muscles sufficiently.

    Words do not say, directly on the picture!

    standing up of fitness AB wheel 1

    standing up of fitness AB wheel 2

    standing up of fitness AB wheel 3

    Three steps, very simple, but a little difficult! The muscles used are mainly stomach and back!

    Point 1: There will be fear when you go down, and then your hands will bend. You must straighten up!

    Point 2: Strength should be applied to the muscles on the belly belt, not to the hands, otherwise it will be very laborious!

    Point 3: The whole process is tiptoe landing!

    Point 4: When you come up, suck your stomach hard. That's why this method works fast because the whole body's weight is supported by your abdomen. Like sit-ups, only one-third of your upper body's strength is used! The back should also be stretched upward, as well as the toes should be combined with the strength, the joint in the middle of the leg, there are muscles, when you stand up quickly, it can be tightened! 

    Note: If you go directly to the ground at first, you can't hold it up, you will lie down! There are two ways for you to complete this action. One is that you only have the next half. Slowly, the strength comes up, and all comedown! On the other hand, you can go to the wall, adjust the appropriate distance, do it against the wall, so that psychological security is full, will not drop!

    Question and Answer: How many do you do at a time?

    My suggestion is to do two or three groups of five in the previous week, about three times a day! More is not necessary, because muscles are stimulated, not endurance training! From the second week, you can do it ten times, all in one breath!

    Why do the arm and shoulder hurt? When practicing, the focus is on the waist, not the arm!

    Summary: I don't know if you can understand what I want to express. Writing is not good. If you look at it, you will make progress slowly. Don't doubt whether this method is effective. If I don't have a successful experience, I won't mislead you by writing articles.

    I have the chance to show my abdominal muscles in the picture above. Wait for summer. It's cold in winter now. Exercise abdominal muscles must be adhered to!

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