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    What Are The Benefits Of Balance Board Circle Exercise?


    Balance board circle training is very important in a personal exercise program. Like flexibility exercise, it can affect the quality of our daily life and reduce the risk of falling injury. Balance board circle training uses visual effects to activate specific muscles from the nerves. Balance board circle training is not just about standing on one leg. Effective balance depends on flexibility, the strength of the main trunk muscles, and good muscle coordination.

    The Benefits Of Balance Board Circle Exercise

    The following balance board circle training is aimed at the above aspects. If you want to ensure the best results, you must pay attention to methods and techniques to avoid the rush. Exercise: Improve your balance stability, static bridging, exercise purpose: enhance the stability of the main muscles of the back and abdomen. Action Requirements: Lie flat with curved legs, feet on the ground, arms on the side of the body.

    The spine is in the middle. The hip, thigh and trunk muscles lift the pelvis until the shoulders are in line with the knees. Slowly descend and return to the starting position. Frequency: 4-10 times. By using the balance board circle to bridge, exercise purpose: This training is more challenging, specializing in enhancing the stability of the trunk's main muscles, rope muscles, buttocks and quadriceps femoris.

    Balance board circle training movement requirements: lying flat, feet on the fitness ball, knees slightly curved, arms on the side. Do bridge-building exercises. The heel presses hard on the surface of the board to keep balance. Straighten your hands up. Slowly lower your body and return to the original position. Frequency: 4-10 times. Stretching the ipsilateral arms and legs Purpose: This exercise is more challenging, by contracting the abdominal and spinal extensors, to promote overall balance.

    Balance board circle training movement requirements: limbs landing, arms perpendicular to the ground, knees in the buttocks directly below. The spine is in the middle position and the abdomen is closed. Slowly extend the right arm and leg on the same horizontal line as the trunk. Hold your posture, count to 8, and then slowly put it down. Repeat the same exercise on the left. It's easier to extend one arm or one leg at a time, gradually extending both arms and legs at the same time.

    Frequency: 8 times. Hawk posture, exercise purpose: This is an action in yoga that strengthens the muscles of the feet and ankles, so it's important for us to maintain balance, especially as we get older. Action Requirements: Stand upright and shift the center of gravity to the left leg. The right leg is raised laterally with the sole of the foot on the inside of the left thigh.

    The same pressure is applied to the inside of the foot and thigh, which helps maintain balance. Stretch your arms flat on both sides, try not to move, hold for 30 seconds. The other is repetition. When you close your eyes, it becomes more difficult. Number: 4 times on each side. Super Tip: Contraction of muscles from the bottom of the pelvis helps maintain balance. The purpose of one-leg balance exercise is to maintain balance while closing eyes to promote proprioceptive nerve communication between brain and muscle.

    Balance board circle training movement requirements: stand upright. Focus on the left leg, lift the right leg and hold the right knee. The spine is fully extended. Close your eyes when you feel balance. Experience how the muscles of the feet strive to maintain balance. Try to hold for 30 seconds. Number: 4 seconds on each side. Super Tip: Start by putting a chair nearby to help you balance.

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