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    ​Teach You How To Use Balance Board Circle And Medicine Ball To Keep Fit


    1. Balance Board Circle Squatting

    Targets: Legs, hips, waist, and abdomen

    Usage: Stand on the balance board circle with your legs separately, tighten your waist, abdomen, and buttocks, keep your body balanced, exhale slowly, bend your knees and squat down (keep your upper body straight, chest and abdomen closed). Knee joint should not exceed the tips of your feet, squat down to your thighs parallel to the ground, then inhale and restore. In this process, keep your body stable and do not fall from the floor. Beginners can reduce the difficulty and squat to the angle they can control.

    Training effect: Increase the dynamic balance of the body, improve the integration of muscle and nerve. It can obviously increase the control of the body, and also can well modify the line of the legs and buttocks.

    Use Balance Board Circle

    2. Single leg squat point of balance board circle

    Revamping goal: The same as the first action, it is the advanced action of the first action, which is more difficult than the first one.

    Usage: Stand on the balance board circle with one foot, keep the body stable, squat slowly, the knee joint should not exceed the toe.

    Training effect: in balance, control, core strength, and other aspects play a further role in improving.

    3. Exercise of Lifting Legs on balance board circle

    Modification objectives: hip, back thigh and waist, and abdomen

    Usage: Stand on the balance board circle with one leg, tighten the waist and abdomen, keep the body stable, tighten the hip and lift the other leg, then slowly restore, continue the next time.

    Training effect: help to lift buttocks and thin legs, improve the core strength of the body waist and abdomen.

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