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    Small Aerobic Step Exercise Helps You Step On Body Fat


    Small aerobic step exercise originated in the United States in 1968. Step gymnastics is a kind of small aerobic step exercise, which is carried out on a small aerobic step with adjustable height at will. It is very challenging and pleasant. It is an effective fitness and weight loss exercise. Let's practice together.

    Small Aerobic Step

    Body Coordination in Small Aerobic Step Training

    Small aerobic steps are mainly used in aerobic fitness courses. In professional aerobic courses, aerobic coaches will design and match a whole group of movements, together with many people, it feels very interesting. If you do the movements at home alone, you may feel boring. At this time, you can cooperate with the music rhythm. Do actions, or watch TV while doing, to increase the sense of rhythm and fun.

    Experts suggest that beginners do small aerobic step movements, the best way to start is to measure their strength, with each action 8-10 times, each time do 1-2 groups of movements until the movement is more skilled, each action will be increased to 12-15 times, each time 3-5 groups.

    In this way, continuous exercise 3-5 times a week, 2-3 weeks later, it will be obvious that the lower body, especially the waist and buttock lines become stronger, the use of small aerobic steps for push-ups will also make the chest muscles more compact.

    Body Coordination in Small Aerobic Step Training

    Attention should be paid to joints when doing small aerobic step exercises

    The small aerobic step is a big impact on the knee joint movement, so we must do a good warm-up exercise, fully mobilize the whole body joints, especially the knee joint and ankle joint. If you have joint or vertebral problems, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first to make sure that there is no pressure on the joint or knee.

    If you just use the aerobic step to do some simple shaping exercises, you should pay special attention to mastering your physical strength. Don't force yourself to finish several or several groups of movements in one breath. You can do them in stages, or do some exercises first, rest and then continue to do them. Especially don't do it in the way of competition, it won't unconsciously exceed their physical load, fitness can't cause sports injury instead.

    The suitable height of small aerobic step exercise is 15-20 cm

    The choice of the height of the small aerobic step depends on your level of exercise, the current pedal technology and the bending of your knee joint (generally 60% to 90% is more effective). Usually, the pedal height of 15 to 20 centimeters is more appropriate.

    Attention should be paid to joints when doing small aerobic step exercises

    Choose soothing music when doing step exercises

    The music selection speed of small aerobic step gymnastics is slower than that of general aerobic gymnastics, and the drum point is stronger and clearer DISCO music (music speed is generally 118-122 beats/minute). When the speed of music is faster in the course of practice, we should pay attention to the movement should not be too large and keep the basic posture of the body.

    Attention to balance and stability in alternative tools

    In the selection of small aerobic steps, it is suggested that beginners only use steps instead of steps at the beginning, because pedals with a step, the height will be higher, exercise intensity will be relatively enhanced, that is to say, do the same action, will be more laborious.

    When skilled, add 1 or 2 scaffolds slowly to increase the intensity of the exercise. Often, small aerobic steps are provided in fitness centers. If people are at home, they need to buy small aerobic steps. In addition to consulting professionals, if they don't want to spend money on equipment, they can also replace them with some items, usually a platform about 30 centimeters high, but they should pay attention to balance and stability. Sex does not shake when stepped on.

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