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    Massage Sticks
      • Massage Sticks
      • Massage Sticks
      • Massage Sticks
      • Massage Sticks

    ITEM NO.: ML-3001 3002 3003 3004


    Material: PVC + ABS + PP

    Size: from 42cm to 45cm to 50cm

    The massage stick is a perfect tool for people to do various massage exercise. It’s a portable soft tissue massage tool helps sore muscle recover faster by releasing tension and soreness.

    Light weight and easy carrying: The lightweight Massage Bar fits in almost any bag for recovery on the go: Targets pressure points to stimulate tissue recovery and promote circulation for rapid healing

    Muscle relax and deep tissue massage: Spiked nodules provide deep tissue massage for effective relief and treatment of muscle pain and soreness

    Recovery tools: Various shape and size for different demands

    Ideal for runners and athletes recovering from sports-related injuries or strains - helps to compress and stretch muscles and reduce trigger points

    Help build good shape: Also works great in helping to roll and smooth out tough skin spots and helps to ease leg pain at night related to restless leg syndrome

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